Your Mayor

Pierre Janecek
Pierre Janecek
CLD Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality
Administration/Finance Commission, President
The Brome-Missisquoi Solid Waste Municipal Board, President
School Governing Board
Phone: 450 295-2297
Cell: 450 531-6333

Your Councillors

District 1 (des Prairies)

Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell
Sports and Recreation Commission, President
Administration/Finance Commission
Roads/Public Works Commission
The Brome-Missisquoi Solid Waste Municipal Board
Cell: 450 522-6485

District 2 (Lake Selby)

Jacques Beaulieu
Jacques Beaulieu

Environment/Environmental Health/A.P.E.L.S Commission, President
Phone: 450 295-2167

District 3 (Northwest)

Gaston Chamberland
Gaston Chamberland
Urban Planning Commission, President
Public Safety/Communications Commission
Phone: 450 295-1190

District 4 (South)

Neil Perkins
Neil Perkins

Roads/Public Works Commission, President
BMP Foundation
Cell: 450 522-3607

District 5 (Northeast)

Gerard Dalpé
Gérard Dalpé
Public Safety/Communications Commission, President
Roads/Public Works Commission
Environment/Environmental Health/A.P.E.L.S. Commission
Phone : 450 295-2255

District 6 (Village)

Maguy Carpentier
Maguy Carpentier
Tourism Development Commission, President
Culture and Arts Development Commission, President
School Governing Board
Urban Planning Commission
Sports and Recreation Commission
Cell: 514 208-6963

Administrative Personnel

450 295-2418

Director General and Clerk : Mr. Pierre Loiselle, ext. 25
Treasurer : Mrs. Nicole Gingras, ext. 24
Highway Superintendent/Public Works : Mr. Luc Lepage Chagnon
Municipal Inspector : Mrs. Andréanne Godbout, ext. 27
Fire Chief : Mr. Patrick Cournoyer : 450 295-3404