Readymades, which serve no purpose

Readymades, which serve no purpose

Marek Latzmann
Opening show: November 6th – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Exposition: November 6th to December 1st

Readymades, which serve no purpose, is an exhibition created during the recent confinements.  As a sculptor, Marek Latzmann combines woodcarving, the assembly of heterogeneous everyday objects and certain elements of nature.  In this way, ordinary things are transformed into works of art through the artist’s vision.  Basically, these objects have no practical use, hence the title of the exhibition, but they stop you in your tracks, lead you to take a step back, and contemplate their poetic dimension.  The opposite of what we usually do in our daily lives!  Just as art, which cannot be quantified, goes against what our current world proposes.  By rethinking the function of “things” intended for a certain use, but which do not achieve it in this exhibition, the artist invites us to reinvent our way of being in the world and the actions we take.

Marek Latzmann is a sculptor and painter from the former Czechoslovakia who has been working as an independent artist in Sutton since 1993. His work is part of the ideology of natural modernism. Many of his works are exhibited in various public places in the region such as the Domaine Dumont / Vignoble Chapelle Sainte-Agnès, the Mont Sutton ski center and the Domaine des Côtes d’ardoise.

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