Art Center Vernissage: « Respire »

Mylène O’Reilly and Jean-Loup Roy
Exhibition: February 22nd to March 19th
Vernissage: February 22nd, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Buried under a deluge of information, burdened by over-consumption, a lack of direction and limited time – it’s time to take deep breath.  A place where the intangible is welcomed or movements prolonged or where light guides the way, drifting between real and imaginary.  Through a series of photos and photomontages, the exhibition Respire offers a reflection of frozen moments in time, respite to catch one’s breath and welcome the calm.

Mylène O’Reilly and Jean-Loup share an instinctive approach, spontaneous and poetic.  In an uncertain path where nothing is planned, driven by events, our environment and encounters, their images take us on an emotional journey of chance and coincidence.  The creation is an escape where all is permitted.


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Dunham Municipal Library Art Center
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