Citizens of Dunham’s residential areas (Village, Selby Lake, des Prairies, Malenfant and Bouchard) are now invited to place their bags of dead leaves at the curb beside their brown bin during the regularly scheduled organic material collection. If you have a small quantity of leaves, please put them directly into your brown bin. For larger quantities, you must use well-sealed, brown paper bags (no tape). Please note that leaves bagged in plastic bags will not be collected.  We ask that you place your bag(s) of dead leaves next to your brown bin, even if your bin is empty, to let us know that it is for the organic material collection.

Other options for you to compost your dead leaves could be:

  • leafcycling, which consists of passing the mower over the leaves and leaving the clippings in place;
  • bringing them, free of charge, to the ecocenter, at the RIGMRBM composting platform (2500, rang St-Joseph, Cowansville – 450 263-2351) throughout the entire fall season.

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