Sports Activities

In Dunham, it’s possible to participate in a large number of sports and physical activities. From ice sports such as hockey to gym sports such as badminton and gymnastics, not to mention outdoor sports such as soccer and tennis, the town encourages citizens to get active and have some fun by taking part in the activity of their choice!

Use of Sports Facilities

It’s possible to use sports facilities, whether indoor or outdoor, at certain times, outside of the hours reserved by leagues or clubs. Priority is given to Dunham residents.

To have access to indoor sports activities, you must get a membership card, available at the gymnasium, which will give you the right to participate in activities held in the gymnasium of the Clé-des-champs school in Dunham during the sports season, from September to April, at the following rates:

$10/person (resident)
$20/person (non-resident)

$25/family (resident)
$50/family (non-resident)

Check out the schedule of indoor sports activities for the 2016-2017 season.

To know more about the list of installations and facilities of the parks in Dunham, you can reach the town hall by phone at 450 295-2418.

Dunham/Cowansville Agreement

Thanks to an inter-municipal agreement reached between the towns of Cowansville and Dunham, you can sign up for recreational activities offered in Cowansville at the same rate paid by residents.

For the complete schedule, visit the Town of Cowansville’s Internet site :

Reimbursements for Recreational Activities

In addition to the activities available with the recreational agreement with Cowansville, it is possible to be reimbursed, upon presentation of a receipt, for hockey and figure skating activities offered in Bedford, as well as swimming activities offered at the Town of Sutton’s outdoor pool, during the summer period.

Sports Clubs

Dunham Soccer Club

To get information or to sign up, please consult the Web site.

CSSB President: Mr. Olivier Côté
Home phone: 450 295-2606

Dunham Tennis Club

To get more information or to sign up, please call the contact person:

Huguette Poirier
450 295-2422
Bruno Dumesnil
450 295-1399
Richard Vallée
450 266-1619

Astra Fitness brings you Zumba!

Three Zumba sessions are offered each year (winter, spring, and fall). It’s also possible to join the group in the middle of a session. Zumba Fitness for cardio and dance buffs (no prerequisites) and Zumba Toning: our muscles get toned and cardio (easier choreography). Classes are given at the Clé-des-Champs school gymnasium on Mondays and Thursdays, until April 2017, from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m.

For information: Anne-Lise Preusser 450 284-0899
Follow the Facebook page:
Zumba Astra Fitness

Outdoor skating rink

When the weather permits, an outdoor skating rink is set up behind the town hall, right beside the skaters’ chalet. Kids and grownups can enjoy free skating or play some hockey, on an alternating basis, according to the time slots assigned to each activity.

Snowshoe trails

About ten kilometres of snowshoe trails are available to the public. The main access point is located behind the town hall, at the skaters’ chalet. There, you can borrow adults’ or children’s snowshoes during the winter season.

For more information, follow the Dunham snowshoe trails Facebook page.