Founded in 1983, A.P.E.L.S. (a citizens’ committee wanting to fight pollution in Lake Selby) is an NPO whose goal is to bring together people interested in improving the environment of the lake, defining and solving the common problems of riverside owners, and promoting the organization of awareness activities to the population.

The membres of the board of directors :

  • President: François Charbonneau
  • Vice President: Chrystian Borduas
  • Treasurer: Gilles Nadeau
  • Secretary: Estelle Bernard
  • Director: Vicky Coupal
  • Director: Claude Giasson

A town councillor, Mr. Jacques Beaulieu, attends the meetings and provides valuable help.

An annual general meeting is held, generally on the first Sunday of July.

The main achievements of A.P.E.L.S.

Historically, A.P.E.L.S. has seen to clean up Lake Selby and clean its banks (sludge, algae, and all kinds of objects). The construction of a sewer system in 1987 and the dam in 1996 are two great projects that the Town of Dunham has completed with the support of A.P.E.L.S.; the sediment catchers are also a great achievement.

The reforestation and revegetation of the banks are other projects that A.P.E.L.S. has had at heart. As a result, 12,000 shrubs were distributed to riverside residents a few years ago.

There have also been great battles, including those over the regulations involving motorboats on the lake and motocross races in the winter (motocross races are now forbidden).

A.P.E.L.S. has also actively participated in the opposition led in Frelighsburg against the construction of condominiums at the top of Mont Pinacle.

More recently, A.P.E.L.S. has seen and still sees to make residents aware of environmental issues: twice a year it publishes a journal, Le Héron, and organizes a fair at the end of the lake for kids and grownups to foster dialogue and maintain a high level of solidarity.

Lastly, A.P.E.L.S. regularly conducts water quality tests and then publishes the results. The town of Dunham supports A.P.E.L.S. in various ways, namely through the surveillance of blue algae, a subsidy for water tests and participation in the logistics of the lake fair.

The latest matter involved obtaining a subsidy in 2014 from the Organisme du bassin versant de la baie Missisquoi (OBVBM) to study the feasibility of redoing the ditches on streets adjacent to the lake.


To become a member of A.P.E.L.S. :

$25 per person or $40 per household (by cheque payable to A.P.E.L.S. with your name, mailing address, and e-mail)
New: You can become a lifetime member for the sum of $150 per person or $200 per household.

Our contact information :

L’A.P.E.L.S., C.P. 381, Dunham QC J0E 1M0

To reach us:
Phone: 450 295-2646