Please find below, the list of Dunham’s municipal administration members and the organizational chart.


Director General and Town Clerk:  Mrs. Mélanie Thibault, extension 25


Treasurer: Mrs. Nicole Gingras, extension 24


Municipal Inspector: Mrs. Andréanne Ouellette, extension 27 (temporarily replacing Mrs. Andréanne Godbout)


Administrative Assistant – Payroll and Communications Services:
Mrs. Caroline Desrochers, extension 31


Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Lise Leclerc, extension 23


Reception Officer: Mrs. Patricia Chamberlin, extension 0


Accounting Clerk: Mme Jeannette Boulais, extension 28


Fire Chief, Fire Safety and Prevention Services: Mr. Patrick Cournoyer, 450 295-3404


Superintendent of garage services: Mr. James Sherry, 450 295-2547


Arts, Culture and Special Projects Coordinator: Mrs. Ève Sano-Gélinas


Library and Arts Center: 450 295-2621
Library Supervisor:
 Mrs. Maguy Carpentier