Conference Workshop: Sleep as a Way of life – at the Dunham Library – June 1st at 7p.m.

For our mental and physical health, sleep is essential.  The consequences of insomnia can be observed from the very first days; imagine what it can cause over time.  The negative effects of taking medication over the long term are also considerable and sometimes even irreversible.  If you are struggling with sleep problems of any kind, including insomnia, you are far from alone.  In fact, studies now report that 4 to 5 people out of 10 are suffering from insomnia in Quebec.  How can we overcome bad nights of sleep and get back to restful sleep?  In this conference, in addition to a theoretical part, Daniel Racine presents various recommendations of neuroscience to regain sleep and you will be able to experience them during the session.  The conference workshop promotes an enriching experience for all and suggests what will help you return to a natural sleep.

Attendance price: a free consultation with Daniel Racine.