Exhibition at the Art Center: The secret life of flowers (2M/1lb)

Jennifer Lee
Vernissage:  August 14, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Art Exhibition:  August 14 to September 8, 2021

Imagine being a bee or a butterfly hovering over a flower full of pollen and nectar… In this exhibition, composed of acrylics on canvas in sometimes vivid hues, sometimes in black and white, Jennifer Lee presents a series of works that focus on the extraordinary beauty and eloquence of flowers that she compares to opera divas.  Her goal?  To draw the viewer into the flower and allow them to marvel at each of its intricate details.  This exhibition is about the symbiotic relationship between flowers, bees and human life.  Sensual and seductive for the pleasure of our eyes, fragrant to please the senses, flowers are an integral part of the environment allowing life to exist. Each painting in the series has a number on the side of the canvas that signifies that this flower is one of the stops in the 2 million visits that bees need to give us a pound of honey, hence the title (2M/1lb).

Originally from Saskatoon, Jennifer Lee made her home in Quebec, more precisely in Dunham in the Eastern Townships, in 2002 after a 20-year artistic career in Toronto.  Her love of nature and her creative background (from a family of artists, photographers and musicians) led her to adopt acrylic painting as her main medium of work, but also including sculpture and photography.  Her work has been exhibited in several symposiums and galleries throughout Quebec, Ontario and internationally.  In 2021, she offers us the Public’s Choice exhibition where each visitor is invited to vote for the work that the Town of Dunham will acquire at the end of the exhibition.

Title: Aria di l’aurora
Credit: Jennifer Lee