Extraordinary Town Council Meeting – March 14, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. at la Clé-des-Champs School

An Extraordinary Town Council Meeting will be held on March 14 at 6:30 pm at Clé-des-Champs school gymnasium located at 3858 Principale Street in Dunham.

The Town of Dunham wishes to inform you that due to the standards of use of the Internet connection at the École de la Clé-des-Champs, it is possible that this council meeting may not be broadcast live on Facebook or that it may be broadcast with a lower quality than usual. In this context, we recommend you attend the meeting in person.

Council members to vote on by-law amendments for Centaur Vineyard development

The by-law amendments for the Centaur Vineyard development have been the subject of three public consultations that have raised significant concerns for the public and the Town Council.

Regulatory amendments enhanced by the community’s input

The draft by-law amendments that will be voted on at the March 14 extraordinary town council meeting have evolved, particularly in terms of development density:

  • Initial by-law amendments allowing a maximum of 78 housing units;
  • By-law amendments to be voted on March 14 present a maximum of 60 housing units (minimum of 44 units).

For further details, including the results of the second independent groundwater availability assessment study, please visit: Draft Regulatory Amendment 

To view the session live, if internet allows, you must join the Town of Dunham Facebook group. Questions from the public can be directed in advance by email to: greffe@ville.dunham.qc.ca.

The following documents are available in French only.

01-03-2023 – Public Notice – Séance extraordinaire du conseil municipal du 14 mars 2023 à 18h30 au gymnase de l’École de la Clé-des-Champs

01-03-2023 – Projet de Règlement no 448-22 modifiant le Règlement de zonage no 382-19 afin d’abroger la zone R-4 et de créer les zones R-4-1, R-4-2, R-4-3 R-4-4 et P-14 not adopted (to be submitted to the Council on March 14, 2023)

01-03-2023 – Projet de Règlement no 454-22 modifiant le Règlement relatif aux plans d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale (PIIA) no 385-19 afin d’assujettir les zones R-4-1, R-4-2, R-4-3, R-4-4 et P-14 à ce règlement  not adopted (to be submitted to the Council on March 14, 2023)