For the past two years, the Town of Dunham has implemented a septic system emptying service for residential buildings, in accordance with the provincial regulation on the disposal and treatment of wastewater from isolated dwellings.

An important change to this program comes into effect in January 2023

All emptying of septic systems for residential buildings covered by the regulation must be done by a contractor mandated by the Town. It will no longer be possible for a homeowner to avoid this program by providing proof of emptying to the Town. Septic tanks will be emptied every two years for primary residences and every four years for seasonal residences.

The cost of this service will be charged to the municipal tax bill of the affected properties. The cost of the emptying will be split evenly on your tax bill over two years. For example, for this service on your primary residence, you will pay the first 50% of the cost on your 2023 tax bill and the second 50% on your 2024 tax bill.

Many benefits for the citizens and the environment

This new approach will allow homeowners to simplify the management of their septic systems and potentially reduce the costs associated with this service. This new process will allow the Town to ensure a better environmental monitoring, to guarantee that the maintenance requirements are respected, that the sources of nuisance, insalubrity and contamination are reduced and that the residues are disposed of in a site that complies with governmental standards.

Things to remember

All septic system emptying for residential buildings must be done by a Town-appointed contractor;
If you have an appointment with a contractor to have your septic tank emptied, cancel it to avoid paying twice for the same service;
People who will have their septic system pumping service in the summer or fall of 2023 will receive a notice by early summer;
Special considerations apply for residential buildings served by holding tanks, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

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