The Town of Dunham has received many calls and drop-ins concerning the letter distributed through the mail regarding the deployment of fibre optics in Dunham by IHR Telecom.  Here are the main elements to remember:

IHR Telecom:

  • is a legitimate company;
  • is the sole distributor on the territory of Dunham to bring fibre optic internet to the region;
  • received a subsidy to carry out the work in progress;
  • offering you the opportunity to access fibre optic services;
  • installed in other local municipalities with positive feedback.

The demarcation box:

  • will be installed for FREE, near your Hydro-Québec meter, while the installers are working in the area and thus, you will avoid the installation costs;
  • does not oblige you to transfer your services from your current provider;
  • will already be in place should you decide to install fibre optic internet in the future.

Other telecommunication firms:

  • cannot piggy-back on IHR Telecom’s cabling or equipment without having reached an agreement with them;
  • continue to offer their standard internet services, telephony and television packages.

IHR Telecom:

  • offers internet, telephony and television packages;
  • is obliged, through the subsidy agreement, to maintain prices similarly offered by other major telecommunication firms.

We invite you to consult the calendar for the deployment of fibre optics in the MRC Brome-Missisquoi region.  Calendar – Fibre Optic September 20, 2021

You can consult the IHR Telecom website ( which allows you to check the availability of the service at your address.




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