Beginning in 2021, the Town of Dunham has started a septic tank emptying program for all properties not connected to the sewer system.

This procedure is scheduled every two years, depending on the sector. We are providing a chart of the roads and streets that will be done in 2021 and 2022.  Registry of septic systems 2021-2022

A few weeks before the start of the emptying program, sometime between August and October, you will receive a notice telling you what procedures must be undertaken prior to the work being done.

If, according to the Town’s schedule, your road or street is slated to be emptied this year, and the emptying has already been done in the last 12 months, it is your responsibility to send us a copy of the invoice so that the Town can remove your address from the schedule. If you fail to do so, your tank will automatically be emptied by our contractor, as scheduled, and an invoice will be issued to you by the Town.

If it is an emergency and you are obliged to have your septic tank pumped outside of the Town’s scheduled periods, it is your responsibility to forward a copy of your invoice to the Municipality to avoid being billed again.

  • By e-mail:
  • By mail: Town of Dunham I 3777, rue Principale, Dunham (Québec)  J0E 1M0
  • Deposit in the secure mail chute, next to the main door of the Town Hall.

If your road or street is not scheduled during the current year and it is not an emergency, you should wait until the following year to have your septic tank pumped in order to follow the long-term program timetable.

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