A Little History

A welcoming town with a rich past, Dunham was created in 1820 and became the first township in the beautiful Eastern Townships region. It was founded by a group of loyalists whose official representative was Sir Thomas Dunn, in honour of whom the municipality today bears the name “Dunham.” The township was officially incorporated in 1858, while the village was incorporated in 1867. On September 25, 1971, Dunham became a town through the merger of the township and the village. Today, its authentic charm and loyalist architecture, combined with its mountainous splendour, make it a favourite location for residents and visitors alike.

Dunham’s Coat of Arms

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Our Coat of Arms, Explained

Explanation of the heraldic terms used in the town of Dunham’s coat of arms

Blazon: Gold, Silver, Azure, and Vert

Upper left: Silver with three Vert Trefoils

Lower left: From Vert to a Golden tree

Upper right: From Gold to an Azure fleur-de-lis

Lower right: From Azure to a Silver bar

Exterior ornaments: The escutcheon capped off by a Gold mural crown, with five crenellated towers, built with sand and shaded on the bottom, all supported by two branches of autumn maple leaves that cross at a point.


Azure: Azure is the colour blue in heraldry. This colour symbolizes “the purity of space.”

Gold: The primary precious metal used in heraldry, it is the symbol of “glory.”

Silver: The secondary precious metal used in heraldry, it signifies “victory.”

Vert: Vert is the colour green. Vert represents the name of the town surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent foliage portrayed where the branches meet.

Trefoils: The trefoils were placed in the coat of arms in memory of Sir Thomas Dunn, who was of Irish descent. It’s in his honour that the town now bears the name “Dunham.”

Fleur-de-lis: Signifies that the town of Dunham is located in the province of Quebec.

Heraldic tree: Represents the enchanting site of the town of Dunham.

Bar: Heraldic fish that represents Lake Selby, located in the town of Dunham.

Mural crown: Town dignity.

Masonry: Depicts a wall of stone or brick.

Autumn maple branch: The maple leaf is the emblem of Canada, where the town of Dunham is located.

Advitas et voluntas: Motto of the town of Dunham’s coat of arms: “Strong desire and will.”