Refreshments and spirits!

The cradle of viticulture in Québec…

Dunham will charm you with its nine vineyards, the very first ones that were established on Quebec soil. The soil and climate being rich, many cultivate an orchard alongside the vines allowing them to offer you ciders and other locally distilled spirits.

Do you have an adventurous palate?

At the Brasserie Dunham, you will discover a varied and high-quality selection of beers, brewed with passion by a microbrewery that has repeatedly distinguished itself as one of the best breweries in the world.

Explore Dunham!

L’Espace Dunham, located in the old stagecoach house, also offers a selection of local spirits.

Why tour wineries and microbreweries?

Viticulture and the art of brewing are not just science, technique or simple recipes, but a true art!  A passion to be shared with the colors and tones of a culture, ours, shaped by the seasons and weather, making our products unique.

Learning about these multi-sensory universes goes far beyond the common act of “drinking”.  It is about discovering know-how, immersing oneself in a shared tradition and handed-down since mankind learned that celebrating is a link to the world.

Being a winegrower and brewer involves a search for flavor and aroma, but also for decor, atmosphere, and poetry.  A visit is a moment dedicated to contemplation and the pleasure of the senses.

Drink local products all year round!

Drinking local products all year round allows for the viability of small and medium-sized businesses run by local enthusiasts. These businesses ensure the economic vitality of our region and your “made in Brome-Missisquoi” bottle really makes a difference in the end!