Dunham Fire Department

Dunham Fire Department includes more than twenty dedicated, professional volunteer firefighters. The fire station, centrally located, houses four fire engines while also being well furnished to create a pleasant, comfortable environment.

The firefighters are currently visiting all homes in the municipality to discuss the importance of fire prevention. If they haven’t visited you yet, don’t hesitate to contact them at 450 295-3404.

We encourage you to read and keep on hand the First-Aid and Fire-Prevention Guide, which details important information linked to fire prevention, such as how to prepare in the event of a natural disaster and the actions to take when damage is caused.

For further details, please consult the website Dunham Fire Safety Service (SSID).


The Fire Department acquired a Jaws of Life rescue system in August 2016 for a total acquisition cost of $19,000.Thanks to the Jaws of Life, the firefighters have significantly reduced their intervention time.

The Jaws of Life are used primarily for three types of intervention: road accidents, industrial accidents, and farming accidents.

This investment also reduces Dunham Fire Department’s intervention time when responding to calls from Frelighsburg’s territory.

The equipment was three years old at the time of acquisition and includes a semi-fixed compressor, cutters, spreaders, an expandable battering ram and 30-foot hydraulic hoses.

The Municipality would like to acknowledge and thank the personnel of Pièces d’Auto Samson and Remorquage J.J. for transporting and supplying the vehicles, free of charge, throughout the entire training session, as well as for the final exam in the vehicle extrication course given to the firefighters.

Burning permit

Open-air burn permits are issued by the Dunham Fire Department. The following conditions must be met and maintained throughout the term of said permit:

  • To ensure the safety of the surrounding area, ensure a responsible adult monitors the fire until it is fully extinguished.
  • If possible, the fire must be a minimum of 50 metres (156 feet) from any building or wooded area.
  • The fire must not exceed 1.80 metres (6 feet) in height, nor 3 metres (10 feet) in diameter.
  • Have tools or water adequate to contain the fire if it gets out of control (pail of water, garden hose, extinguisher, etc.).
  • Be aware of the strength and direction of the wind.
  • Burning leaves, construction materials or green wood is NOT allowed.
  • Avoid smoking out your neighbours.
  • If one or more of these conditions are not met, the permit could be cancelled by a Dunham Fire Department officer.

To obtain a burning permit: 450 295-3404
E-mail: ssid@videotron.ca
or go to the fire station (3747, rue Principale).

It is forbidden to a make fire during certain periods of the year. Check for the prohibited sign posted outside the fire station.

Is your civic number visible?

Why is it so important to clearly identify our buildings?

The civic number is essential during an emergency situation.


A family member goes into cardiac arrest. If that person does not receive defibrillation within (8) minutes following the attack, he or she has significantly less chance of survival. Every second counts. If the emergency services have trouble finding the civic number because it is poorly located, too small, has incomplete numbers, or is insufficiently lit, this could make the difference between life and death for your loved one. Think about it! One simple act could save a life!

Throughout the year, the Dunham firefighters will finish installing these civic number signs, now mandatory, at every address. The cost of $50 (taxes included) or more if there are multiple civic addresses (including a pole, reflective numbers and installation) will be incorporated as a municipal tax.


Patrick Cournoyer, Director – Fire Department
Fire station: 3747, rue Principale, Dunham
Tel.: 450 295-3404