Garderies en milieu familial

There are also over ten home daycares in the town that offer their services to parents during the school year. The contact information of these daycares is accessible below.

Home daycares recognized by CPE-BC Les Pommettes Rouges – Dunham

Last name, First Name Address Phone number
Bessette, Nancy Rue Wolfe 450 955-0650
Blackburn, Annie Rue De la Métairie 450 295-1118
Boucher, Brigitte Rue Montmagny 450 266-0920
Boulet, Sylvie Rue Des Érables 450 295-3243
Carpentier, Isabelle Rue Jules 450 263-9004
Fogarty, Emily Rue Principale 450 295-2369
Gagné, Marie-Claire Rue Montmagny 450 263-3766
Harris, Suzanne Rue Wilkinson 450 295-1135
Pelletier, Odette Rue Laprairie 450 266-1488
Simard, Ginette 10e rang 450 295-2754

If you wish to learn more about the services offered in home daycares as well as the number of places available, we invite you to go directly to the Internet site of the Centre de la Petite Enfance Les Pommettes Rouges.

Contact information


52 rue Dupont, C.P. 1268, Bedford QC   J0J 1A0
Phone : 450 248-3334
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Fax : 450 248-4380
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