A new service from your local library

The project is to create and maintain a seed collection available to gardeners through a seed lending service.  Similar to a book loan, the gardener takes, plants, harvests and returns harvested seeds to share in the seed bank, hence the idea of : “I take, I sow, I give back”. The seed collection created over the seasons and according to the donations received functions on the value of sharing.  Educational workshops on gardening cycles, nutrition and seed preservation will also be offered free of charge during the 2023 gardening season.

How does it work?

  • Each library patron can take up to four seed packets per month;
  • Before you go out with your seeds, you must register your packets at the counter, just like a book;

Sow, plant, harvest, taste and …

Save your new seeds in anticipation of returning seeds to the library!!  You will not be alone in the adventure: a workshop on learning how to harvest seeds will be offered in due course and several books, articles on the Internet or tutorials will help you.  We will have a dedicated seed return kit available for you during the summer.

 And that’s it!

To find out what seeds are currently (or soon to be) available at the library, please consult the seed catalog by clicking on the link: Troc semences_catalogue_30_03

To access the records of each seed individually, please click on the guide: here

Anise Hyssop – Cylindra Beet – Nasturtium Alaska Mix – Bloomsdale Spinach – Dwarf Green Bean Tendergreen – Immortelle  Strawflower Apricot Peach – Lollo Rossa  Darki Lettuce –  Lemon Balm-Melissa – Dakota Tea Onion – Onagre Yellow Evening Primrose – Sugar Daddy Snap Peas – Little Marvel Peas  – Tansy – Winter Thym – Abenaki Hardwick Tomatoe  – Cherry Tomatoe – Chadwock Tomatoe – Summer Cide Tomatoe – Yellow Pear Tomatoe  Dwarf Endamame Panther Bean – Marmand Tomatoe – 5 color mix Beet – Miniature Carrot – Purple Vienna Kohlrabi  Common Chive – Winter Squash – Butternut Squash – Gaillardia simple mx Hysope Parsley Radish Cherry Belle_w Rosemary Arugula Italienne San Marzan Tomatoe

Thank you to all our partners!

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec and the Town of Dunham, through the Entente de développement culturel Programme d’aide aux initiatives de partenariat, and thanks to the seed growers and gardeners who supported and contributed to the project: Le Noyau, Au petit boisé, Artisan du vivant, Mycoflor and Anne-Sophie Tardif of the Coop Pied de Céleri.

Thank you to all the volunteers who generously gave their time to bag the seeds and stamp the envelopes.

Thank you to our project manager, France Bergeron, who spared no effort in bringing this project to life.

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