Online Property valuation

You can access the online evaluation for the general public, which is a service allowing you to get free information on the property assessment and other data related to a property.

Qualified professionals such as real estate agents, notaries, mortgage lenders and evaluators can consult the Town’s property assessment role which offers additional information appropriate to their profession, subject to subscription and user fees.

Rental policies for facilities and equipment

The Town of Dunham has four venues available for local organizations and citizens, as well as for people from outside the region, to hold leisure, cultural or community activities. The Town can also lend audiovisual equipment for such events.

In order to clarify the rules and regulations for hall rentals, the Town of Dunham has adopted a Politique de location de salles et de prêt d’équipements. All users must respect this policy.

Please consult this pdf for policy details.

Available facilities are the:

  • gymnasium at la Clé-des-Champs primary school (Salle Henri-Georges-Boulet);
  • Édifice Pierre Bernier (library, Salles Normand-Gaudreau and Kenneth-Baker);
  • Town Hall basement;
  • skating rink chalet.

Individuals or organizations wishing to use the Town’s facilities or equipment must complete the online form: online form, or fill it out directly at the Town Hall. Personal information and the nature of the activity will be required from all lessees.

*We suggest you follow these steps: download the online form to your electronic device, fill it out, save it and then send it to us. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Availability permitting, the Town will approve the request and a rental contract will be drawn up for the lessee’s signature. The contract will set out the terms regarding the rental, use of the facilities and equipment.

An authorized employee will lend you a key for the specific hall rented. The key must be returned within 24 business hours following the end of the activity.