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The Town of Dunham has four facilities available for rent by local organizations and citizens, as well as for people from outside its territory.  These facilities are used to hold recreational, cultural and community activities.  If needed, the Town can also lend audio-visual equipment for these events.

In order to establish the rules and procedures for reserving these rooms, the Town of Dunham has adopted a Room Rental and Equipment Lending Policy.  All users must respect this policy.

See the pdf document for further details.  (Available in French only.)

The available locations are:

  • the Clé-des-Champs school gym (Henri-Georges-Boulet room);
  • the Pierre-Bernier building (library, Normand-Gaudreau and Kenneth-Baker rooms);
  • the Town Hall basement;
  • the skaters’ chalet.

Individuals or organizations wanting to use town’s spaces or equipment will first be required to complete an online or on-site application form, which will include information on the lessee and the nature of the activity.

The Town will then approve the application and draft a rental agreement for the lessee to sign. This contract will outline the terms and conditions for the rental and use of the space and equipment.

The designated person in charge will be given a key to the premises. The key must be returned within 24 hours of the end of the activity.

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    If yes, you will need specific documents from the Town of Dunham to obtain a permit from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec.