Families and Seniors

La Récolte des Générations:

Here is the latest news on the use of “La Récolte des Générations” greenhouse in the current context of the pandemic.

The mission of La Récolte des Générations is, above all, community-based:  starting now, the greenhouse will be used for sowing directly in the ground.  Various early varieties have been sown:  kale, lettuce, radish, spinach and tatsoï.  Kale, parsley, sage, thyme and lemon balm planted in the fall are green with life!  We will be harvesting for those in our community in need.  Steps to fulfill this goal are being organized with potential partners.

With regard to volunteer opportunities:

With the arrival of spring, is community gardening calling you?  La Récolte des Générations is developing a system to make some volunteer work possible!  If you are filled with enthusiasm and have time to give, contact us.  We will keep you informed by e-mail of the tasks to be done and the health procedures to be followed.

It has been resolved to limit access to the greenhouse and equipment to La Récolte des Générations employees only.  These employees take safety measures seriously (two-meter distancing, frequent hand washing, disinfection of contact points, etc.).

Until we return to our weekly gatherings, take good care of your health!

Follow La Récolte des Générations on social media La Récolte des Générations or contact them at larecoltedesgenerations@gmail.com for further information.

Coordinator:  Mrs. Julie Langlois
450 522-5271

Family and Seniors Policy (MADA):

On May 1, 2017, the town adopted its first Family and Seniors Policy.

Here is the pdf version Politique familles et aînés.

The following is a list of Family and Senior Services in the region.