**Due to COVID-19 restrictions, rentals are unavailable until further notice.**

The Town of Dunham has four halls available primarily for local organizations and citizens, but also available for people from outside its territory to hold recreational, cultural and community activities.  The Town can also lend its audio-visual equipment for these events, if required.

In order to clarify the rules and procedures for booking these rooms, the Town of Dunham has adopted this Room Rental and Equipment Loan Policy. All users must abide by this policy.

Consult the pdf document for further details.  (French only)

The available premises are the:

– gymnasium at the Clé-des-Champs school (Henri-Georges-Boulet room);
– Pierre-Bernier building (library, Normand-Gaudreau and Kenneth-Baker rooms);
– basement at the Town Hall;
– chalet by skating rink.

Individuals or organizations wishing to use Town space or equipment are required to complete the online form, which includes information about the lessee and the nature of the activity.

We suggest the following steps: download the form to your phone/tablet/computer, save it, complete it and send it to us. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

The Town will then approve the application and prepare an agreement for the lessee to sign. This agreement will set out the terms and conditions for the rental and use of the premises and equipment.

The designated manager will be provided with a key to the premises. The key must be returned within 24 business hours of the end of the activity.