Contract Management By-Laws


The rules available on this website may be subject to changes that have not yet been incorporated. In the event of any discrepancy between the rules posted on the links on this website and the official rules, the provisions of the official rules shall prevail.

The contract management By-Law applies to any contract, including a contract that is not described in any of the subparagraphs of the first paragraph of subsection 1 of section 573 or section 573.3.0.2 of the Cities and Towns Act (C.T.A.).

This By-Law as well as any other By-Law relating to contract management, including any By-Law delegating the power to make an expenditure or enter into a contract on behalf of the Municipality, must at all times be published on the Internet site where the Municipality publishes the notice and hyperlink referred to in the second paragraph of section 477.6 of the Cities and Towns Act (C.T.A.).

You can access the contract management By-Laws adopted by Town Council here (available in French only).

24-09-2020 – By-Law No. 402-20 regarding Contract Management

23-06-2021 – Administrative version of By-Law 402-20 regarding Contract Management contractuelle

18-03-2021 – By-Law No.413-21 modifying By-Law No. 402-20 regarding Contract Management

23-06-2021 – By-Law 416-21 modifying By-Law No. 402-20 regarding Contract Management

07-02-2023 – By-Law No 463-23 of contract management

Please visit the Autorité des marchés publics English website for information:  Filing a complaint with a public body

You may also review the Town of Dunham’s policy for the receipt and review of complaints related to the awarding of a contract: CLICK HERE