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The Dunham Library and Art Center hosts several exhibitions annually featuring the works of talented artists. Visit this page often to see the schedule of upcoming events that encourage our local artists!

The Dunham Library and Art Center are always looking for volunteers to help out with various tasks.

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Ms. Ève Sano-Gélinas
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Cell. : 450 521-8025

COVID-19 Pandemic – Preventive measures for all Québec municipalities

As our premier mentioned during his press briefing of March 15, 2020, it is essential to put all chances on our side in order to stop or slow down the spread of the coronavirus.  By limiting access to public places such as libraries, arenas, pools, buildings with meeting rooms or convention centers, municipal agencies will greatly contribute to the efforts used by the government and citizens of Québec.  For this reason, I am asking their immediate, full cooperation in implementing these preventive measures.

Mrs. André Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

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2020 Calendar

France Lamontagne
Exhibition:  March 21st to April 15th - Cancelled***
Vernissage: March 21st, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Cancelled***

Frénésie, mille et un éclats  is a collection of 12 to 15 paintings inspired from the seabed and terrestrial flora, with a touch of Japanese influence.

France Lamontagne, a self-taught artist, seeks to reveal movements and sentiments in her creations that transcend within us.  In constant search of beauty, art revealed itself to her as a long-term learning process through the infinite world of color and harmony.  With acrylic, to which she often adds other materials, she expresses herself through profound movements, experiences sentiments and human intimacy that needs to be shared.


« Méli Mélo »
March 28, 10:30 am – Cancelled***


This is the story of Mr. Méli who is looking for his dog, Mélo. With the help of a canvas that progressively reveals image-by-image, children from 3 to 8 years old will enter Méli and Mélo’s sunny universe. Shapes, dazzling colors, adventures and twists, shape this visual tale by Marc Tanguay.

For children, ages 3 to 8.

Admission is free for everyone!

Méli Mélo mars 2020

« Cabaret Routhier » – Musique 

April 4, 8:00 pm - Cancelled***

Born for the stage, author, songwriter and performer Philippe Routhier invites two acoustic singers, Joëlle Saint-Pierre and Maxime Auguste, to a cozy lounge.

Admission: $ 5
Information/tickets: 450 295-2621

Artists’ Biographies

Joëlle Saint-Pierre

Native of Chicoutimi, Joëlle has been making music most of her life and recently, has been singing original songs written alone or with her friends. Yes, she accompanies herself on the vibraphone, yes with four drumsticks. Yes, it’s heavy. No, she should not have learned to play the flute instead, even though she respects instruments of all shapes and sizes and that music is everywhere. Yes, Joëlle writes her biography using the third person.

Maxime Auguste

A man shaped by the Montreal alleys, Maxime Auguste sings of loneliness and love in all forms. With Acadian country as his guilty pleasure, he transitions, with disarming authenticity, from comedy to melancholy. His unrefined, urban, and cinematic poetry sets him apart from many current country-folk bands. Far from the vapid indie sounds, his music is organic and sprinkled with disenchanted masculine choruses.

Cabaret Routhier 4 avril 2020

« The little world of Flonflon »
Musical story
April 25, 10:30 am 
- Cancelled***

Discover Flonflon’s world.  Accompanied by his friend Lili, this irresistible creature will make you sing his lively songs with him.

For children from ages to 2 to 8.


Le petit monde de Flonflon 25 avril 2020

Dunham Municipal Library Art Center

« Inlaid glass mosaics on wood »
April 25th and May 2nd - Cancelled***
With Jacques Landesque, mosaicist & Julie Langlois, cabinetmaker

This workshop invites you to create from two materials:  wood and glass.

The two 3-hour sessions take place, alternatively between Julie Langlois’ cabinetmaking workshop and Jacques Landesque’s mosaic workshop.

During the two workshops, you will create a small mosaic on a cedar plank.  You will learn key concepts to design your own inlaid mosaic on a tabletop, a door frame or any other wood surface of your choice.  You can also use these techniques to make a personalized sign.

This workshop is open to all 12 years and older.

Admission:  $10

Location: Atelier de mosaïque de Dunham:  3665, rue Principale, Dunham

Telephone number for further information and registration:  Julie Langlois: 438 351-0987

« From plate to paper: The Original Print »
Collectif Encreguenille/Inkrag
Vernissage: May 16th, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Exhibition: May 16th to June 10th

For this exhibition celebrating the month of printmaking, the associates of Encreguenille-Inkrag and their friends will exhibit their prints accompanied by the original printmaking plates, as well as a booklet detailing each printing step.  Each print will be exhibited beside its plate.  The emphasis of this exhibition will be on the history of print and engraving and will include etchings from Dunham.

Encreguenille-Inkrag is an association of affiliated engravers at the Studio Sorge in Dunham.  It was founded in 2013 by Bernice Sorge and now consists of twelve members.

The methods used by its members is in constant evolution, due to a multitude of workshops and training available on printing, such as monotype, wood engraving, screen printing and contemporary processes like collagraphy, where the plate is made from various articles glued to a rigid substrate.

De la plaque au papier L'impression originale - 16 mai 2020

« Cabaret Salade de fruits »
May 9th, 8:00 pm
Bénédicte Bérubé : singer and comedian
Alex McNally : pianist
Olivier Bussières : percussionist

If we combine an opera singer with a crazy desire to sing Dalida, with a pianist improvising harmonies, accompanied by a percussionist with quirky instruments, get ready to party!

Casting aside conventions of a whimsical cabaret, these unruly three will create an eclectic musical event drawn from a French repertoire of Alys Robi, Gainsbourg, Thomas Fersen and many others.

Finely tuned, this delightfully Kitsch evening will take you on a journey.

Admission: $5
Information/tickets: 450 295-2621

Cabaret Salde de fruits 9 mai 2020


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