Attractions and Activities

Discover the many attractions and activities that the town of Dunham has to offer.

Start with the Dunham vineyards, but don’t forget to see the apple trees in full bloom in springtime or loaded with apples in the fall.  The many orchards, cider producers, sugar shacks, berry producers (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), the best sweet corn in the region and authentic farmhouses make Dunham an ideal place to visit.

Enjoy meandering bike rides in the village or throughout the countryside.  The stunning autumn foliage and winter snowshoeing along the wooded trails is sure to delight.

Are you looking for relaxation and a breath of fresh air? Come stroll through the kiosks and boutiques or simply take in the bucolic scenery of the Appalachian foothills and the Loyalist inspired architecture as you take in a heritage tour.

Culture in Dunham is the art of sharing knowledge within a community where it’s good to grow up. Read the Cultural policies of Dunham adopted by the municipality.

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*** Due to changes related to COVID-19, check the information and business hours by clicking on the following document: Shops and attractions in Dunham.

Visit the open-air exhibition: Nature and Creation