Attractions and Activities

Discover the attractions of the town of Dunham as well as the numerous activities offered.


Start with Dunham’s vineyards, of course! But also come to see the blooming or ready-to-pick apple trees at our many orchards, the cideries, the sugar shacks, the berry growers (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries), the province’s best sweet corn, and some beautiful small farms.

Come and enjoy a bike ride in the village or in the countryside. The lovely fall colours will easily charm you. In winter, go snowshoeing in the wooded trails.

Or are you looking to relax and take a breath of fresh air? Come and browse at the booths and in the boutiques or simply take in the bucolic decor of the Appalachian foothills and the loyalist-inspired architecture you’ll sample as you travel along an interesting heritage route.

The culture in Dunham: it’s the art of sharing one’s knowledge in a community it’s good to grow up in. Learn more about the Cultural policy of Dunham adopted by the municipality.

Consult the map of attractions and activities in Dunham

Visit the Clé des champs de Dunham
Visit the Nature and Creation outdoor exhibition
Participate in the Festival Jardins des Arts et de la Musique du Monde (JAMM)