Association des vignobles de Dunham (Vineyards Association of Dunham)

L’Association des vignobles de Dunham (the Vineyards Association of Dunham) was formed in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the efforts of the municipality and its citizens to promote the town to an active clientele searching for high-quality enotourism and agritourism experiences. Its actions of communication aim to renew the clientele by focusing on diversity, quality, and the geographical proximity of Dunham’s wineries. The Association promotes Dunham’s winemakers as a community. By doing so, it hopes to multiply the beneficial impact for all businesses in our dynamic, healthy town!


  • Promoting Dunham’s unique situation, specifically the possibility of visiting several vineyards within a short distance and enhancing the experience by discovering the town.
  • Positioning the Wine Route of Dunham as the ideal wine destination in Quebec.

Contributing to enrich Dunham’s agritourism offer in a changing, highly competitive environment where sellers and growers must deal with a short operational period and a highly regulated business environment, all as part of a multitude of organizations working within a fragmented structure.

Our contact information

Informations and media

Anouschka Bouchard
UNION LIBRE cidre & vin,
1047, chemin Bruce, Dunham QC   J0E 1M0
450 295-2223

President and treasurer
Pierre-Paul Jodoin
Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix
3734, rue Principale, Dunham QC   J0E 1M0
450 295-3281

Administrators of the Vineyard Association of Dunham :

Nadège Marion
Vignoble Les trois clochers

Charles-Henri de Coussergues
Vignoble de L’Orpailleur

Steve Ringuet
Marc Colpron
Domaine Côte d’Ardoise

Guillaume Leroux
Vignoble Val Caudalies

Alphonso Gagliano
Vignoble Gagliano

Pierre-Paul Jodoin
Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix

Normand Lamoureux
Sara Gaston
Vignoble du Ruisseau

Stéphane Lamarre
Château de cartes – Vignoble et cidrerie

Robert Boulais
Vignoble Le Centaure

Sylvie Chagnon
UNION LIBRE cidre & vin

Differentiation campaign of the Wine Route of Dunham focusing on enriching the offer through:

  • A unique enotourism experience
  • The integration of agritourism products according to different themes
  • An interaction with the environment (scenery and farms)