Management of Residual Materials


Learn more about the benefits of the eco-centres in the Town of Dunham. Eco-centres allow all citizens of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi to put their household materials to good use free of charge. Once recycled, these materials will no longer take up valuable space in the region’s landfills.

If your materials can still be of use to someone, bring them to local charities to give them a second life (ex: church basement, volunteer centre, etc.). Otherwise, eco-centres are places specially designed for accepting non-reusable materials.

To view the list of materials accepted at the eco-centres or to know more about how to give as well as the opening hours, consult the Internet site or call 450 266-4900, extension 249, during the week.

Eco-centres are located at the municipal garage or workshop of the five respective municipalities.


20, rue du Pacifique Est
450 534-3420


80, rue Cyr
450 248-2440/450 248-3004


50, rue Mill
450 243-6111


2500, rang St-Joseph
450 263-0277


260, route 139 Sud
450 538-2290


Learn more at: Régie Intermunicipale de gestion des matières résiduelles de Brome-Missisquoi.

RIGMRBM and its services

The Régie intermunicipale de gestion des matières résiduelles de Brome-Missisquoi (RIGMRBM) is an important player in implementing the MRC’s plan for managing residual materials (PGMR). It is committed to the healthy management of the landfill and the eco-centre while also striving to keep up with new state-of-the-art technologies. The Régie offers high-quality services to all citizens, industries, businesses, and institutions of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi and its surrounding area. It is working hard so that, through the sustained effort of all its employees and administrators, the landfill will become the last resort in the management of residual materials for the purposes of sustainable development.

Here are some details about the services offered by the RIGMRBM to the population of Brome-Missisquoi that foster the actions of recycling and adding value:  CLICK HERE

Contact information

2500, rang St-Joseph, Cowansville

Phone : 450 263-2351

Opening hours

The Régie in Cowansville is open throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.