Revision of Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation

To reduce the risk of children drowning, the Quebec government has announced a revision to the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation effective July 1, 2021.  All homeowners will be required to comply with the provincial pool safety regulations, regardless of when the pools were installed.

Pools built prior to November 1, 2010 that were grandfathered will now be required to comply with the regulation.  Owners will have until July 1, 2023 to comply with the regulation as the grandfathered status will completely disappear after that date and fines may be issued by the Town.

The following are some of the rules that must be followed as a result of the by-law revisions:

  • the pool must be fenced in, even if the yard is already fenced;
  • chain link fences with a mesh size greater than 30 mm must have slats;
  • no structure or fixed equipment that can be used to climb over the wall of a pool or enclosure shall be installed within one metre of the pool or enclosure;
  • pools with diving boards must have a minimum depth of water to prevent cervical spinal injuries from diving accidents.

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Please note that a municipal permit is required to install a pool or to build an enclosure, deck or terrace to access a pool.  To apply for a permit: https://bit.permispiscine